How do Children become Readers?

How do Children become Readers?

During the childhood development of your kids, you might stay a bit worried about their nurturing habits and empowering journeys. One of your concerns might be about your kid learning to become a reader. Reading from children's books is one of those few milestones that, if achieved during the early stages of child development, can be proven as transformative and empowering.

Yet, this journey of reading for your little one isn't a solitary one, you can be a part of their beautiful reading journeys and have their back.

In this blog post, we will delve into talking about how your children can cultivate their love for reading.

Let's Dive into the Magic of Reading: Understanding how Kids become Readers

1. Early Exposure

If you wish to make your child a reader in the coming years or somewhat later in life, you need to show the seeds of literacy very early with the help of early exposure to books and rhythmic lullabies. From the start, try to indulge your children in colorful picture books, make them hear lullabies before sleeping & make an environment for storytelling that would make them more curious about reading. All this is going to lay an early foundation for a long-time affinity of your kid being prone towards reading in the future.

2. Parental Influence

As we all know, the parents are the first teachers and influencers of the children. Similar goes with their reading journeys as well. The reading-enthusiastic parents would not only develop literacy skills in their kids but would also spark the essence of reading in their minds with a sense of joy. Via all these, the parents can influence and ignite a flame of reading within their kids.

3. A Rich Literary Environment

Apart from home, schools are the second prominent place for your children where they would be spending most of their time. Hence, the role of schools also becomes important in developing a sense of reading within the kids. Try to provide access to diverse book sections to your children in the school. Provide them exposure to book clubs, and literary events for more exploration and discovery.

4. Modeling Behaviour

Role modeling is also one of how we can not only instill a culture of reading in our kids but also enhance the reading adventure as a bigger source of fulfilment and enthusiasm. As we know, children are the most keen observers: they are going to develop excitement regarding reading books when they find their peers, parents, teachers, and siblings doing so.

5. Encouragement & Support

Every child is going to have a different reading journey of his or her own. So in this adventure, we are only required to provide encouragement, support & praise all along the way to them which would eventually foster a sense of confidence and resilience. Indulge in celebrating small achievements or milestones of your kids when they finish a book or get a new one to read.

6. Intrinsic Motivation

After all, reading for children is also based on some "intrinsic motivations" from within. It's the feeling coming out of their gut that makes them excited about reading more. When your kids would have more control over their reading and they would be curious about the world, they would become super learners and readers.


Overall, the journey of reading for the children is a multifaceted odyssey which is for sure going to help them in some or the other way at some point in the future. The never-ending realms of literature & the fertile landscapes of imagination, that arose from reading adventures, would empower the children to get, set, and go on a lifelong journey of reading, exploring, discovering, and transforming themselves through the ultimate power of words.

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