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Before Happiness: Five Actionable Strategies to Create a Positive Path to Success

- 272 Pages
Published: 12/09/2013

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Do you want to achieve success in your personal and professional endeavours? The first step is to see a reality where success is possible. Only when we choose to believe we live in a world in which challenges can be overcome, in which our behaviour matters, and in which change is possible can we summon all our drive, energy, and emotional and intellectual resources to make that change possible.

In Before Happiness, Shawn Achor, former Harvard professor, and bestselling author of The Happiness Advantage introduces a groundbreaking new theory about success and human potential.

Achor shows how a positive mindset is the best predictor of motivation, engagement and performance in the workplace and in your personal life and offers five practical, actionable strategies for creating this mindset that will make us more successful at work and at home:

1)Add vantage points - how to select the most valuable reality
2)Map to success - mapping success greatly increases the chance you will get there
3)Finding the X Spot - proven techniques for harnessing your cognitive abilities
4)Boost the signal by cancelling the noise - how to cancel negative noise
5)Positive Inception - how to spread positive reality to others

Backed by science, great stories, and research-based strategies, by the time you finish this book, you will have a complete understanding of exactly how to create a better reality and magnify the volume of happiness and success in your life, and equally important, transfer that positive reality to others.