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Cork City Through Time

- 96 Pages
Published: 15/11/2012

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Cork City, Ireland's southern capital, is a place of tradition, continuity, change and legacy. It is a place of direction and experiment by people, of ambition and determination, experiences and learning, of ingenuity and innovation and a place of nostalgia and memory. The pictures within this book provide insights into how such a place came into being and focuses on Cork one hundred years ago. Cork's urban landscape is filled with messages about the past. As a port town, Cork was and still is strongly connected to the outside world - this small international city is ambitious in its ventures and links to a world of adventure and exploration. The photographs within the book help to show the human experience and sense of place and pride in the city, one hundred years ago and today. Views of streets, public spaces, churches, the docks, and an international exhibition to name a few, capture the energy and drive of a city - the legacies of which still linger on in the southern capital of Ireland.