Harvest of Faith: Understanding Between Islam and Judaism

- 220 Pages
Published: 02/09/2005

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In this book I have tried to disperse the dark clouds that have always hidden the sunny and pleasant skies of good relationships among the followers of Ibrahimian religions. Considering unpleasant events which have happened in the past, reaching this aim will not be easy but it will not be impossible either...Judaism, Islam and Christianity are the three great religions and the faithful followers of monotheism - the belief in only one God. We share together the same supreme Ruler of the Universe yet centuries of strife have left a terrible legacy of suspicion and conflict. Indeed, with current events in the world as they are, the seemingly constant tensions and conflicts which divide the faithful often overwhelm the actions of those who seek tolerance and reconciliation. Youssef Khakshouri, a Jew from Orumia in Iran, has studied the great Holy Books for all his long and productive life. In simple and refreshingly direct prose he explains the history of the Holy Books, their often startingly similar beliefs and the manner in which confusion and ignorance of each other's faiths has allowed conflict to overcome co-operation. It is his profound belief that only by understanding the real meaning of the great works of religious prophecy will we begin to understand that more unites us than divides us, and understanding this is the only true path to tolerance and peace.