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India in Global Affairs

- 272 Pages
Published: 30/07/2020

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The dawn of the current regime in 2014 has witnessed the ushering of a new era of Indian stronghold in global affairs. The fundamental changes in the global affairs are affecting India`s domestic and international politics. The attitude of Indian dispensation therefore has been geared towards meeting these challenges; the conventional approach to understanding India`s foreign policy has strategically been replaced by reasoning and sine qua non. In the current scenario, India is shifting gears by not only emerging as a global power in terms of economy, defense and clout but also by influencing and shaping the different dimensions of global agendas as per its prerequisites and national interests. In this light, India in Global Affairs: Changing Dynamics and Emerging Role discusses the evolution, continuation and the paradigm shifts that have taken shape in the global affairs with relation to India and establishes the fact that increasing influence of India in the global affairs is now bringing India to the forefront where India's diverse, plural democracy stands out and sets an example for rest of the world to emulate.