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Inside Allenwood: The Story of a British Banker inside a US Prison: Money, Mobsters and Enron

- 256 Pages
Published: 15/04/2021

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This is the story of Giles Darby, a former British banker who was extradited and jailed on account of his entanglement in a $7m wire-fraud case.

In 2001, Giles and his co-defendants - branded the 'NatWest Three' - became the subject of extensive media coverage when the US government demanded their extradition in regards to the financial collapse of energy giant Enron, noted as one of the biggest bankruptcy filings in history.

They found themselves the centre of national debate which sought to question why three British citizens accused of defrauding a British bank should be tried in America - a question that found itself in the hands of Prime Minister at the time, Tony Blair. However, after 10 gruelling years of appeal, they each pled guilty to one count of wire fraud, facing up to 37 months in a US prison.

Focusing on the emotional aftermath of extradition and his life in prison, Inside Allenwood is an eye-opening appraisal of the American justice system, and one man's profound story of how he managed to keep his health and sanity intact during the drudgery of lockdown, the dangers of routine violence and the agony of being separated from his young family in UK.