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Intellectual Property

- 1096 Pages
Published: 29/05/2018

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Intellectual Property offers unrivalled coverage of all major intellectual property rights and is designed to equip you with a strong understanding of the wealth of domestic, European and international laws at play in this area. This tenth edition has been substantially updated and streamlined to ensure the book best fits the contemporary intellectual property syllabus. Key updates to the new edition include: * Significant restructuring to reduce the length of each chapter without compromising on coverage of each topic. * A revised chapter structure which maps closely to the structure of a typical intellectual property module. * Discussion on the creation of a European patent with unitary effect and a Unified Patents Court. * Coverage of the new codifying trade mark regulation and the trade mark directive requiring implementation in 2019. * An outline of the Intellectual Property (Unjustified Threats) Act 2017. * Consideration of the potential wide-ranging effects of Brexit in relation to intellectual property rights and protections.