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Kay and Aiden � The Tram Bell: Band 05/Green (Collins Big Cat Phonics for Letters and Sounds � Age 7+)

- 32 Pages
Published: 22/04/2021

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Collins Big Cat Phonics for Letters and Sounds features exciting fiction and non-fiction decodable readers to enthuse and inspire children. The 7+ books are designed for children aged 7+ who need more practice to acquire phonics skills. They have age-appropriate content, more mature images, and are fully aligned to Letters and Sounds Phases 3-5.

Twins Kay and Aiden are keen to come up with a compelling story for their school blog. When Aiden hears the bell of the historic defunct town tram sound every evening at the same time, the pair go and investigate. They spend an evening hidden in the tram speculating about the possibilities ... only to discover that the perpetrator is a cat passing through on its way home to dinner! This exciting graphic novel is written by Carol Mitchell.

Green/Band 5 books offer early readers patterned language and varied characters.

The focus sounds in this book are: /ai/ ay, a-e, ey, ei.

Pages 30 and 31 allow children to re-visit the content of the book, supporting comprehension skills, vocabulary development and recall.

Reading notes within the book provide practical support for reading Big Cat Phonics for Letters and Sounds with children, including a list of all the sounds and words that the book will cover.