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Knights Club: The Alliance of Dragons: The Comic Book You Can Play (Comic Quests)

- 104 Pages
Published: 01/07/2020

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You ve been training to be a valiant knight, and now the prince of Nekashu needs your help: the princess of the orcs has been taken by a band of vikings! Solve riddles, traverse mountains, and fight giants and dragons to reach the princess and bring her safely home. Your success depends on your choices alone, because the hero is you! Series Overview: Introducing Comic Quests a new middle grade series that offers a truly engaging reading experience, one that mixes full-color graphic novel storytelling with interactive pick-a-path gameplay. Each book invites readers to play through the storylines again and again, choosing a different path (and fate!) each time. Along the way, they will solve puzzles, discover treasures, encounter villains, help friends, and uncover secrets hiding in the richly detailed illustrations. The quest begins now!