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Tatting Collage

- 96 Pages
Published: 22/03/2012

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Tatting is simple and portable, and this concealed spiral bound book can be laid flat for ease of use. It includes lots of useful tips throughout and a Tools and Techniques section. It features instruction to make 65 patterns or motifs and 60 designs. This is a great book from a U.K. author. Tatting is basically a handmade lace, with each stitch composed of two half-hitch knots. The appeal of the craft is that it is simple and portable, you can take your tatting equipment anywhere, and now that Tatting Collage is republished as a concealed spiral bound book it will be easy to use 'on-the-go'. As well as offering great fun and flexibility, it also avoids the need to handle large and complicated pieces of tatting - a bonus if you are pressed for time or are new to the craft and looking for encouragement.