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Teaching and Researching Motivation (Applied Linguistics in Action)

- 284 Pages
Published: 22/04/2021

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Cultivating motivation is crucial to a language learner's success - and therefore crucial for the language teacher and researcher to understand. The third edition of Teaching and Researching Motivation reflects the dramatic changes in the field of motivation research. With an increased emphasis on dynamic perspectives on motivation and its relations with other individual, social and contextual factors, this book offers ways in which advances in the field can be put to practical use in the classroom and in research.

Key new features and material:

  • exploration of the motivation to learn languages other than English (LOTEs);
  • principles for designing L2 motivational studies;
  • discussion of emerging areas of research, including unconscious motivation and language learning mindsets.

Providing a clear and comprehensive theory-driven account of motivation, Teaching and Researching Motivation examines how theoretical insights can be used in everyday teaching practice. The final section provides a range of useful resources, including relevant websites, key reference works and an online repository of tools and instruments for researching language learning motivation. Fully revised by pre-eminent researchers in this field, Zoltan Doernyei and Ema Ushioda, this is an invaluable resource for teachers and researchers alike.