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The Complete Book of Sewing Techniques: A practical guide to sewing, patchwork and embroidery shown in more than 1200 step-by-step photographs: A ... in More Than 900 Step-By-Step Photographs

- 256 Pages
Published: 30/11/2020

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This comprehensive volume, with 1200 illustrations and photographs, is the complete guide to sewing, patchwork and embroidery skills, and provides all the information necessary to master each technique with confidence. Whether you are cutting out a pattern, turning hems or deciding which type of seam to use, concise instructions guide you through each stage. All the information you need to design and make your own patchwork quilt is presented, along with cutting and diagrammatic piecing plans for many traditional, popular blocks. From classic hand stitching to contemporary machine embroidery, and every technique in between, the book contains all the skills needed to be a proficient embroiderer.