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The Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics: Integrated Platforms and Industry Use Cases

- 324 Pages
Published: 29/06/2020

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This book comprehensively conveys the theoretical and practical aspects of IoT and big data analytics with the solid contributions from practitioners as well as academicians. This book examines and expounds the unique capabilities of the big data analytics platforms in capturing, cleansing and crunching IoT device/sensor data in order to extricate actionable insights. A number of experimental case studies and real-world scenarios are incorporated in this book in order to instigate our book readers. This book

  • Analyzes current research and development in the domains of IoT and big data analytics
  • Gives an overview of latest trends and transitions happening in the IoT data analytics space
  • Illustrates the various platforms, processes, patterns, and practices for simplifying and streamlining IoT data analytics

The Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics: Integrated Platforms and Industry Use Cases examines and accentuates how the multiple challenges at the cusp of IoT and big data can be fully met. The device ecosystem is growing steadily. It is forecast that there will be billions of connected devices in the years to come. When these IoT devices, resource-constrained as well as resource-intensive, interact with one another locally and remotely, the amount of multi-structured data generated, collected, and stored is bound to grow exponentially. Another prominent trend is the integration of IoT devices with cloud-based applications, services, infrastructures, middleware solutions, and databases. This book examines the pioneering technologies and tools emerging and evolving in order to collect, pre-process, store, process and analyze data heaps in order to disentangle actionable insights.