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Victory Without Peace: The United States Navy in European Waters, 1919-1924

- 392 Pages
Published: 30/11/2018

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Victory Without Peace concentrates on the U.S. Navy in European and NearEastern waters during the post-World War I era. As participants in theVersailles peace negotiations, the Navy was charged with executing the navalterms of the Armistice as well as preserving stability and peace. U.S. warshipswere deploying into the Near East, Baltic, Adriatic, and Northern Europe, whilesimultaneously withdrawing its demobilized forces from European waters. Thissignifies the first time the U.S. Navy contributed to peacetime efforts, setting aprecedent continues today.

Conversely, Congressional appropriations handicapped this deployment bydemobilization, general naval policy and postwar personnel, and operatingfunds reductions. Though reluctant to allocate postwar assets into seeminglyunimportant European and Near Eastern waters, the Navy was pressured by theState Department and the American Relief Administration's leader, HerbertHoover, to deploy necessary forces. Most of these were withdrawn by 1924 andthe European Station assumed the traditional policy of showing the flag.