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A Royal Duty

- 480 Pages
Published: 03/06/2004

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Discover the untold story behind one of the most sensational chapters in the history of the House of Windsor

'This book had me in tears and also made me smile' 5***** Reader Review
'A loving, informative, respectful tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales' 5***** Reader Review
'A brilliant and provoking book . . . I was stunned' 5***** Reader Review

In A Royal Duty, Paul Burrell reveals new truths about Princess Diana - and presents for the first time as faithful an account of her thoughts as we can ever hope to read.

He was the favourite footman who formed a unique relationship with the Queen.

He was the butler who the Princess of Wales called 'my rock' and 'the only man I can trust'.

He was accused of theft, then acquitted following the historic intervention of the monarch.

He was the Princess' most intimate confidante - and is the only person able to separate the myth from the truth of the Diana years.

Now, at last, Paul Burrell cuts through the gossip and the lies and takes us closer to the complex heart of the Royal Family than ever before.