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Digital Fluency: Understanding the Basics of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Technology, Quantum Computing, and Their Applications for Digital Transformation

- 303 Pages
Published: 09/04/2021

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If you are curious about the basics of artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and quantum computing as key enablers for digital transformation and innovation, Digital Fluency is your handy guide. The real-world applications of these cutting-edge technologies are expanding rapidly, and your daily life will continue to be affected by each of them. There is no better time than now to get started and become digitally fluent.

You need not have previous knowledge of these versatile technologies, as author Volker Lang will expertly guide you through this digital age. He illustrates key concepts and applications in numerous practical examples and more than 48 catchy figures throughout Digital Fluency. The end of each chapter presents you with a helpful implementation checklist of central lessons before proceeding to the next. This book gets to the heart of digital buzzwords and concepts, and tells you what they truly mean.

Breaking down topics such as automated driving and intelligent robotics powered by artificial intelligence, blockchain-based cryptocurrencies and smart contracts, drug development and optimization of financial investment portfolios by quantum computing, and more is imperative to being ready for what the future of industry holds. Whether your own digital transformation journey takes place within your private or public organization, your studies, or your individual household, Digital Fluency maps out a concrete digital action plan for all of your technology and innovation strategy needs.

What You Will Learn
  • Gain guidance in the digital age without requiring any previous knowledge about digital technologies and digital transformation
  • Get acquainted with the most popular current and prospective applications of artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and quantum computing across a wide range of industries including healthcare, financial services, and the automobile industry
  • Become familiar with the digital innovation models of Amazon, Google, Microsoft, IBM, and other world-leading organizations
  • Implement your own digital transformation successfully along the eight core dimensions of a concrete digital action plan

Who This Book Is For

Thought-leaders, business executives and industry strategists, management and strategy consultants, politicians and policy makers, entrepreneurs, financial analysts, investors and venture capitalists, students and research scientists, as well as general readers, who want to become digitally fluent.