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Rapid Stage 6 Set A: Lost Cities (Series 2): Series 2 Stage 6 Set (RAPID SERIES 2)

- 32 Pages
Published: 03/09/2007

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Suitable for children age 7 and above with a reading age of 8 years - 8 years 5 months Part of the Rapid Reading intervention series by Pearson Rapid Stage: Stage 6 Level 6A (equivalent to gold book band) Design supports readers with dyslexia Proven to help children who are behind in their reading to catch up fast Ideal for home learning Rapid Reading is a catch-up intervention reading scheme that has been proven to help children who are behind in their reading to triple their rate of progress. Each carefully-levelled reading book has a dyslexia-friendly design and supports all struggling learners, including those with SEND, to develop their comprehension skills, reading fluency and confidence. Includes 'Before reading' notes to help children read with confidence and 'Quiz' questions to develop understanding. This book contains one fiction text and one non-fiction text on a similar theme.