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The Buddha Pill: Can Meditation Change You?

- 352 Pages
Published: 19/02/2019

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Millions of people meditate daily but can these practices really make us 'better' people? In The Buddha Pill, Farias and Wikholm put meditation and mindfulness under the microscope. Separating fact from fiction, they reveal what scientific research - including their own groundbreaking study on yoga and meditation in prisoners - tells us about the benefits and limitations of these techniques for improving lives. As well as illuminating the potential, the authors argue that these practices may have unexpected consequences and that peace and happiness may not always be the end result. Offering a compelling examination of research on Transcendental Meditation to recent studies on the effects of mindfulness and yoga, with fascinating contributions from spiritual teachers and therapists, Farias and Wikholm weave together a unique story about the science and the delusions of personal change. This isn't simply another book about the route to enlightenment and happiness, nor is it a 'how to'. Farias and Wikholm challenge assumptions about the uses and effects of meditation and yoga. Controversially, The Buddha Pill argues that personal change effected by these spiritual practices can vary widely from one individual to another, and that peace and compassion may not always be the end result. Combining insights from decades of scientific research with fascinating accounts from gurus and prisoners, The Buddha Pill weaves together a unique story about the science and delusions of personal change.