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The Man's Book

- 192 Pages
Published: 14/09/2006

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The authoritative guide to being a man in the 21st century is here, at last. * Ever wondered which is the right way to walk with an umbrella? * Ever questioned just exactly what differentiates the types of beer or where all the single malt whiskies come from? * Ever wanted to work out without actually having to go to the gym, and fancied doing it James Bond style? * Ever considered how a batiste shirt differs from a broadcloth one? If you have, you're in luck. The answers to every question you have ever needed to ask are within these pages, from how to strut your stuff on the dance floor to how to cook a decent chilli. Designed to help you out of any awkward situation, this book gives you any number of tips and hints for witty repartee down the pub, including why it's better to have an older mistress and the 85 ways to tie a tie. All this and so much more is explained in a systematic and intelligent way, with facts and figures, diagrams and tables. This indispensable guide for all men's rituals and practical habits belongs in every man's back pocket.L IST OF CONTENTS HEALTH: Shaving; Hair Loss; Family Jewels; Public Loos; Staying Awake; Exercising; DRINKING & SMOKING: Bartenders' Bible; Glasses; Beer; Wine; Spirits; Liqueurs; Whisky; Cocktails; Cigarettes; Cigars; Snuff; Pipes; WOMEN: Chivalry; Swalk & Talk; Beauty; First Date; Mistresses; Rings; Marriage; Bondage; DRESS: Shoes; Shirts; Jeans; Suits; Evening Dress; Morning Dress; Ties; Other Neckcloths; Accessories; Second-Hand Clothes; 2007 ALMANACK; Calendar; TOWN: Umbrellas; Nightclubs; Clubs; Shirtmakers; Poker; Darts; Chilli; COUNTRY: Tools; Fire; Knots; Fishing; Field Sports; Scouts; Treehouses; Conkers; SCIENCE & LETTERS: Books; Superlatives; Measurement; Proportion; Signing Off; Texting; Websites; TIME: Properties of 2007; Astronomical Events; Seasons & Terms; Saints' Days; Holy Days; Holidays; National & Bank Holidays; Civil Days; Sports; World Cups.