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Why Girls Can't Throw

- 192 Pages
Published: 17/10/2005

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Why Girls Can't Throw provides the answers to the everyday mysteries which keep you up at night...It addresses questions such as: is it morally wrong to record a CD you buy for a friend's birthday before you give it to them? Why do smokers often tap their cigarettes before smoking them? Is it possible to knock yourself out using just your own fist? What's the kindest way to tell a friend that they have halitosis? Does vegans' shit smell less than non-vegetarians' shit? Why don't women have beards? If your eye came out of its socket but remained attached, could you turn it around and look at your own face? Do two wrongs make a right? Is it dangerous to suppress a fart? If you were supple enough to give yourself a blow job, would that make you gay? What would happen to the passengers if someone opened the emergency exit of an aeroplane while it was in the air? Why do I need a cigarette before i can have a crap? Moral dilemmas, scientific mysteries, weird phenomena - all are put under the microscope here and given the Mitch Symons treatment. Entertaining, fascinating and hilarious, Why Girls Can't Throw is a book for lads, ladettes, and anyone who's ever wondered why the word 'bastard' is only ever used as a term of abuse to men...